104 Years Ago in Dallas

This 104 year old article in “The Word and Witness” headlined the Revivals of Mary Woodworth Etter in Dallas, TX. I have found several articles and newspaper reports of these meetings in which many were saved, healed, people saw creative miracles, received the baptism of Holy Spirit, etc. People came from all over the country to both experience God, and to partake in evangelistic outreach. One of Mary’s comments in the article was about the revival (hopefully) lasting until Jesus comes back. This December, once again, hundreds from all over the country will converge on Dallas to, again, experience God and partake in evangelistic outreach. Not a come in and see, but a let’s go out and show. This time it won’t be about a handful of known ministers, but about Sons and Daughters walking in their identity and intimacy with the Father to show Dallas the Father’s heart for our city. I pray you will be a part of this, the next step in the revival history of Dallas. – Shannon Chappell


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