Kill Them All?

If a criminal comes into my home with the intent to do harm to my family, I will kill them. I will not take joy in the fact I took a life… I will not take joy in the fact that there is one less thug on the street. I will not post a video of the thug dying in my home or post pics of his lifeless corpse to show potential other thieves what they can expect. I will not call for the preemptive death of other known thieves.

I will mourn that one less orphan found the Love of the Father, redemption in Jesus, or a home in Heaven. I will weep with my Father that the borders of hell were just enlarged to accept one more.

The Bible is clear that murder is a sin. It makes provision for self defense, and for war, but none at all for murder to be in our hearts. The call to an individual is different than the call to a nation, but even in war our hearts are to remain faithful to who God calls us to be.

We are at war with Radical Islam. There are peaceful Muslims, but it is not a religion of peace and tolerance. There is grace for the fight. As a country we will, and should do what we unfortunately must do… however as individuals our hearts are held to a different standard. There is no grace for murder or hatred in our hearts.

It brakes my hearts to see all over social media those that call them selves Christians glorying in the death of terrorists, posting memes about how we will kill them and American might, and montage videos showing the moments jihadists lives were taken. I see bumper stickers on cars, calling for death to terrorists, right next to their little “Christian fish.” Kill them all and let God sort them out… no my friend, he weeps over every dead terrorist and if you really had Jesus living inside of you so would you.

That life was already purchased with the blood of Jesus… and even though such a high price was paid, Christ will not receive all that he purchased. Think about that… think about how Christ must feel knowing his blood was poured out… for that one…

How much time are you spending on social media or in idle conversation calling for and celebrating death? Now how much of your time are you on your knees crying out for Jesus to show himself to those who hate us, or asking God for the chance to encounter and show love to them yourself?

How can you call yourself a follower of Christ, if you’re not following him… even when it says to love your enemies, or following the command to go and give your own life for the lost. If you have murder in your heart, I would challenge you to ask Jesus if you are even born again.

“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” – Ephesian 6:12

My friends if you want to identify with Christ, then identify with the fact that he gave his life freely and asked for the forgiveness of those who were taking it… identify with the fact that he calls us to love like that…

Your life is not your own. Your citizenship is not of any country but of the Kingdom of God. It’s time for us to repent for not being carriers of the Gospel, cloaked in truth and love, and begin weeping over the nations and crying out for the Father to receive everything he purchased with the blood of Christ.

– Shannon Chappell

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