Results From the State Fair Outreach… over 1,000 Saved!

What an amazing opportunity! We had the chance to work with our good friend Rex Whitton with the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship at their booth at the Texas State Fair again this year.

For about 15 years they have invested the time, labor, and hundreds of thousands of dollars in expenses to be there proclaiming the Gospel to fair goers in a fun way, and they have had incredible results.

The days we were able to be there we saw many get healed, deliverance take place, addiction broken off people’s lives, prayed for Christians who had lost their zeal to come alive again, and many, including entire families, become born again… and not just fair goers, but volunteers, workers, security guards, etc. People were coming to the fair or coming to what they thought would be a normal day at work… and encountering Jesus.

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We don’t have final numbers, but know there were over 1,000 people during the fair that were born again and filled out cards for follow up or to be plugged into a local church.

From Russell:

“As you know we have been out at the State Fair telling hundreds about Jesus. We got to partner once again with my good friend Rex Whitton and the Full Gospel Business Men this year. It has truly been a blessing and honor to be able to participate with this outreach and look forward to next year… Truly there is a party going on in heaven as those that were lost have been found! Thank you Rex Whitton for letting us be a part of this glorious adventure once again!”

This is a remarkable ministry, and if you’re in the DFW area next year around fair time, you should make it a point to come volunteer to work the booth. You will see amazing things, and you will be blessed. We’re already excited about next year.

You can check out more pics, testimonies, and connect with them on Facebook here: State Fair Gospel

Next year the fair runs from September 30th through October 23rd. Hope to see you there!

Shannon Chappell


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