An Evangelist’s Response to the Gay Marriage Decision

When the Supreme Court ruling, effectively legalizing same sex marriage, I was out of the loop. I was doing what Daddy called me to do… at a conference teaching others how to effectively share the gospel in the market place and streets. I was neither shocked, nor angered… but social media and news sites went nuts, and still are.

Christians seem to be divided in a way growing up, even as a heathen, I never thought I’d see. I see on my social media people claiming Christ, with a rainbow overlay on their profile pic, proclaiming that Jesus would never judge and neither should we, etc.* I see Christians railing against the decision declaring coming judgement. Declaring how the homosexual agenda is destroying our nation, and how America has gone dark, fully given herself over to Satan.

To be clear, I am not happy about the decision. I do know that it means many coming legal hoops for the church in the days ahead. I know that it could mean real persecution. I know it could mean the church will be sifted. It may mean the church of America begins to look more like the bride in every other country in the world. But the mission and agenda of the church has not changed. The problem is the American church at large doesn’t seem to understand that mission.

Jesus said “go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.”** Everything means everything. (Heal the sick, cleanse the leper, raise the dead, greater things you will do) Make disciples means make disciples (doing all the Jesus did and teaching others to do the same) and Go means Go! (Get off your you duff, quit thinking your life even belongs to you anyway, and be a conduit of the Kingdom everywhere you go!) So I say this with the utmost love and encouragement, not judgement. If you are a Christian going crazy about the legalization of gay marriage and declaring God’s judgment on the land and you have never led someone in the LGBT community into an encounter with Jesus, you have forfeited your right to an opinion… If you are warring against “the culture” and not out loving it, you’re the problem… when Christ has equipped you to be the solution. 


I see Christians constantly talk about “The Culture War” when scripture says we war not against the flesh (the culture), but principalities. (spirits) Our American Culture means Christians would rather fight legal battles to legislate morality, (and I believe we should be in the fight), or sit on our butts and yell at the world about what we are against instead of getting out in the world and being Jesus. This could be said for this issue, as well as the abortion issue, race, et al. Have a guest speaker at church and the pews are full, everyone ready to get their spiritual high… but don’t organize an outreach into the LGBT community and expect the same attendance in the majority of churches across the nation… in fact, most Christians have never learned/are too scared to share the gospel with anyone.

I have seen time and time again, when sharing the goodness of God and love of Jesus with people, never once mentioning anything about knowing they were gay, they begin to repent on their own for homosexuality and ask for God to deliver them. I have seen many times when someone who identifies as LGBT gets healed while we are praying for them, or gets a word from God and hears the gospel and you mention freedom from their life in a loving way and they immediately grab a hold of that statement. When you walk in the power and love of the gospel, you don’t have to point out sin, the gospel highlights it all in a loving way and brings freedom.

Church, if we want to win “the culture war” it won’t be through legislation. If judgement comes on America it won’t be because the country grew dark… it will be because the church wasn’t bright enough. Light is contagious. Light always conquers darkness.

I sat in my home church last Sunday as my Pastor discussed the ruling. I don’t think I had ever been more proud to call him pastor as he shared his heart of loving the sin out of people, not bowing to culture yet walking in love. Holding to truth, yet pointing people not to their own sin, but to the King of Kings. This is the heart of the Father. If Jesus were here walking the earth we can read the gospels and know exactly how he would have reacted. He wouldn’t have addressed it. He would say, go into all the world and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.


*Let me clarify, these “Christians” do not have a grasp on scripture. Jesus defined marriage in the eyes of God as between a man and a woman, and did discuss sexual activity outside of marriage is sin. Marriage in the eyes of God has not changed because of one country’s law. I love the good ole’ USA, but we do not define who God is or what he believes.

**Matthew 28:16-20

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