Results From the Mexico Crusades


I got back in from Queretaro, Mexico last week and this is the first time I have even been ready to sit in front of a computer and begin putting thoughts down.

In the coming week I will have some pictures to share, and will post some different stories and testimonies from the trip. Those that follow Just1City on Facebook have already had a glimpse as we updated daily.

I wanted to go ahead though and share an overview of how things went while we were there.

This was my first time taking part in an international crusade, as well as my first time in Mexico. I have to say I am hooked, as well as in love with Mexico. What an amazing place, and such amazing people.

I had the pleasure of working with my good friends at Allen Moorman Ministries who put it all together, as well as friends and host missionaries living in Queretaro currently. We had a team from our local church, as well as another great friend of mine who I met through CfaN, Evangelist Mario Cabral. We worked there in conjunction with a sponsoring church in San Juan Del Rio and other local AG Missionaries from that district to hold daily Kids Crusades, Gospel and Healing Crusades in the evening, and helped them plant churches in barrios in San Juan Del Rio, and the pueblo of LaFuente in the mountains nearby.

The church had already begun offering weekly free medical exams, hair cuts, and other social services in preparation for our week of events in the areas we were to minister.

Days 1 and 2 were in the barrios of San Juan Del Rio. These are government housing projects, where literally thousands of families lived piled into communities of 400-500 square foot concrete block units.

Day 3 was in the city center park of San Juan Del Rio nearby the sponsor church.

Day 4 was in LaFuente, a rustic mountain village that is exactly the picture of what you imagine when you think of old Mexican mountain village.

Other than the sponsor church, there was no other evangelical, spirit filled church in this area, nor is there for many hundreds of miles to the North. In fact Queretaro as a state is known as the “Heart of Darkness” and considered the least evangelized area in all of Latin America, but is is beautiful and hungry for the Gospel.

We saw many miracles, including deaf ears open, and healing take place, not only at the Crusades, but just in the streets while out inviting and talking to people about what we were there for. In fact, quite a few of the salvations we saw were in the streets, not even at the Crusades. We saw a little over 500 people respond to the Gospel throughout the week.

We ended by ministering at churches in the state of Queretaro on Sunday and calling local believers to begin walking as sons and daughters and transforming their cities with the Gospel.

I can’t even begin to express how life changing this trip was for all of those who came along, and the impact we may never even know on Mexico. We’ve already been invited back and several churches are hoping to host crusades and begin planting more churches in Queretaro, to see the Kingdom of God made known there. What an exciting time for the believers there. God is really doing a work. And how humbling and exciting it is to be a part. I can not wait to return.

Keep looking ahead for more updates and stories from this trip.

-Shannon Chappell

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