Excited About A Move of God In Mexico

It’s just a few weeks away… I will be on a plane with church family, evangelists from my time at CfaN for the School of Evangelism, Allen Moorman – an Evangelism coordinator for the Assemblies of God who put this all together, my brother-in-law, and even a few young’uns who’ve decided to learn what it takes to do a crusade, and all of them I’m proud to say close friends.

San Jaun Del Rio Queretaro

We will be on our way to Queretaro, Mexico to meet with other friends who are missionaries in that region of Mexico, along with soon to be new friends… other missionaries and church planting pastors, to hold two evangelistic crusades, two children’s crusades, and minister at some of the local churches. I’m really excited to see my missionary friends. I have missed them and can’t wait to meet these men and women who are so hungry for God to move in their nation.

If I sound excited, I am… If I sound like I am confident and know what I am doing… well not so much. This trip will be a bunch of firsts for quite a few on the team, me included. But we are confident that God wants to invade Mexico with his power and love and that he is not only in this trip, that he is going to use it mightily in both the lives of the people we will be ministering to, and the lives of the team members.

After our recent team meeting we sat and discussed individually why we all felt called to go on this trip. We shared any fears we had. We discussed logistics, do’s and don’ts, travel plans, etc.. and then we prayed…

There were many prophetic words spoken over the trip, declarations that many would be healed and miracles would take place, and everyone of us felt that God was preparing a harvest. At least 500 born again on this trip, two churches planted, and those new believers plugged into to these new bodies. Quite a monumental task… but God!

Please join us in prayer for a safe trip, finances to continue to flow in, a mighty harvest, for God to be glorified, for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit in Mexico, and declare with us that Mexico Shall Be Saved!!!

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