Cataracts and Blindness Healed

I’ve had the chance to see some pretty cool stuff happen, but lately I have been praying for more blind people, with no results, but I keep pushing into see something happen.

At our City Wide Easter Egg hunt, my wife and I were volunteering and I had a man walk up with family I knew I was supposed to pray for. I turned and asked him if he had something going on in his body, and his sister replied, “he’s blind… well, he’s almost blind.” The man was about 90% blind and could only see blurry shapes and light close up. I asked if I could pray for him and explained what the Bible says about healing. And then I prayed… nothing happened, no heat, he didn’t feel anything at all.. and I didn’t even ask him to check it… but I for the first time I had prayed for a blind person I had an incredible joy come over me about what had just taken place, even with no results.

I watched the guy walk off about 50 feet from us and he his family stopped to talk. While they all talked, I kept noticing the guy wiping his eyes and squinting… I laughed and thought, is he trying to see if it worked?

They would up walking back over to us and I asked the guy what was going on with his eyes. He said that he had a hereditary condition. At a certain age, everyone in his family starts getting severe cataracts and they they go blind. He was supposed to have surgery, but money was lacking. I asked, “But what is going on now? Anything?” He said no and I asked to pray again, but first held up a few fingers and asked how many I had held up. At 6″ from his face he couldn’t tell me… I prayed again and he could… I moved about a foot and a half away and he couldn’t tell me.. I prayed again… and they got a little better… after four times praying for the guy I was about 12′ away and he could tell… beyond that was still fuzzy.

He didn’t receive a complete healing at that moment and he honestly didn’t even understand he’d been healed… he didn’t get it… He was a believer, so I just encouraged him to let God continue what he was doing and I am still hoping to bump into the guy in the future and find out he is 100% healed. The coolest thing was the reaction of the people around getting to see what was happening, right out in public and watching Jesus being glorified.

This was the first time I have seen any progress at all praying for the blind. I will be in Mexico at the end of the month for a crusade and to plant a couple of churches with Allen Moorman Ministries and Duane and Julia Martin. We are believing for blind eyes and deaf ears opened, lame walking, and the Kingdom of God being made known. I really believe that this was just a taste from God, as to say… “Just watch what I am about to do.”

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