Miracles, Salvation, and Fun in Houston, TX

This is a brief testimony of what happened before and after the Crusade (Reinhard Bonnke Gospel Crusade) Training this past weekend in Houston.

“Some crazy awesome Jesus stuff happened yesterday prior to training for Bonnke Crusade. We went to the Deerbrook Mall in Humble, TX before the training started to pray for people and share the gospel. Many people were prayed for, we saw several people healed, people gave their hearts to Jesus. One man wanted free from homosexuality and got saved and went through some deliverance right in the food court. Two security guards tried to run Russell and I off from talking to a cashier and one of them wound up getting born again and the other got called out for not sharing his faith, and agreed to start doing so and fathering and disciplining his partner, the new convert, and so much more. What an awesome time… just people filled with Jesus doing, and having fun doing, what we are called to do.” – Shannon Chappell
“After training Friday night we drove down the street to Popeye’s chicken and Holy Spirit took over the whole joint. The atmosphere was pretty heavy in the place. You could tell the workers were all worn out and ready to go. It was 10pm on a Friday night, so who could blame them. It started when after we all ordered God gave me a word for the lady running the counter. The same lady received another word from one of our group during our meal. As we finished up I decided to head up to the counter and just began to open air preach to the restaurant and the employees. Holy Spirit rushed into the place. Wow, and the whole place changed. The employees were shouting and laughing and began thanking us and having a good time. There was one particular girl in the back who was a cook and while I was sharing the gospel she came around the corner and had the most disgusted/disturbed look… but she didn’t take her eyes off me. Afterwards prophetic words began to be given to customers and other employees, and Russell went up and asked if anyone had back pain. It was the girl who had been glaring at me. She came out from the kitchen, Russell prayed for her and her back got healed. She was freaked out but began to tear up and laugh… Then I got to start ministering to her as Holy Spirit began sharing about her being in church when she was a little girl and being hurt and running. I watched Daddy God began to love that girl as I spoke… and her to begin to receive his love… So amazing. God began healing her heart right there. Her whole countenance changed and she gave me hug as she held back tears. After that it was a free for all. We literally stood at the door and welcomed people into the Popeye’s and began praying for them and giving them words from Holy Spirit. What an awesome night!” – Shannon Chappell

An awesome night indeed… This is what is available to us as believers. The ability to shift atmospheres we walk into and release Love and The Kingdom of God into the lives of those around us. We went to eat, and eat we did. Because in our agenda to eat, our first priority is for those around us to experience the love of the Father, and the second is to eat, lives in that place will forever be changed. Everywhere you go, release the Kingdom in power and love.

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