Jesus Is My Model


This is my model… not for ministry, but for my life… I do miss the mark greatly, but this is what I am striving for… Jesus. Just Jesus, and everything he did.

We call him our example. We use the term Christian, which means we are little Christ’s. We ask ourselves, WWJD in our Christianese? Then why don’t we take it as far as Christ intended, as the early church did?

Christ loved to the point of dying because he was love. Christ preached the Kingdom everywhere he went, even when the crowd intended to throw him off a cliff. Christ walked in humility, forgiveness, he was tempted and never sinned, he was mistreated and misunderstood but never walked in offense, bitterness or pride. Christ healed the sick, cleansed the leper, raised the dead, and cast out demons… and he commanded, not suggested, the church do the same. Not the early church… he commanded the church. He commanded us to go and preach the gospel.

He didn’t ask only those gifted as evangelists. He didn’t accept excuses from his disciples. He led, and expected those that loved him to follow. He worked so many miracles that the Bible says the world couldn’t contain them if they were all written down. And he told the church that those that believed would do greater. Not the ones with special gifts and offices… simply those that believed. And he forgave, even as he was being nailed to the cross… yet I have gotten upset with the grocery clerk for taking her precious time and bagging my stuff wrong.

Christ wasn’t setting a bar he knew we couldn’t hit… He came to make the way for us to forget our past and hit that mark from here on out. If your doctrine sets your Christian walk as anything less than the example Christ set, then your doctrine needs to be re-evaluated.. and then left by the wayside. If your theology goes against the example Christ established as what the church is to be… then I challenge you to dig in and find out what your missing. If you have accepted not living as Christ because you don’t have gifting a., been called to ministry b., ect… then you are in deception… and that’s not being mean or harsh or said to condemn you… it’s to awaken you to live the way Christ calls us to.

Your walk isn’t supposed to be about getting to Heaven. It’s supposed to be about getting Heaven here. Christ prayed, your will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven. I haven’t hit the mark yet of Christ. Not everyone I pray for get’s healed… yet… but I am not backing down, making excuses, and I will not walk in the bondage of man made religion or tradition that conflicts with the living Gospel of Power, Freedom, Redemption, SOZO.

Jesus is my model. Nothing more, nothing less.

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