God Gave Us Names Supernaturally


Our last treasure God did such amazing things. The clues he gave were so much more detailed, and they left no room for doubt or error. He gave specific places with names of people we’d pray for. We would literally show up and the one man there was the guy with the name we were looking for.

Our first clue led us to the Walmart Tire Rack to look for a man named John. We got there and of course the Tire and Lube is closing so all the employees were gathered talking about their day getting ready to leave. We approached them and asked if any of them needed prayer, and then explained what we were doing. They were shocked that God could give us “clues” and asked if we were for real. They wished us luck at finding treasure, and then got to watch as we approached the tire rack, asked the one man over there his name, and of course, it was Johnathan, and we were already prepared to pray for what he needed, got to speak prophetically over him, his wife, and pray over her and their son as well.

This happened several times. We saw people amazed, encouraged, and loved by the Father. We saw demons cast out, healing begin, and people lives awakened to just how alive and real God is. Amazing night.

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