Voice of Healing Conference at CFNI

So this happened…


But first, let me back up… My wife and I were supposed to attend the Voice of Healing Conference on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. My wife and I are the Kids Directors at our home church, and on Saturday there would be an age appropriate Kids session on healing and deliverance. The plan was to take kids from FFI to the event on Saturday after we had already had the chance to experience the teaching and sessions the first two days. I had been looking forward to it for months! Months! And then life and schedules and this and that… well, Thursday and Friday = no VOH Conference for you…

I’ll be honest, I looked forward to all of the sessions, but really what bummed me out was missing the chance to hear “Momma” Heidi Baker minister. When I say bummed, I mean I was bummed… to the point my wife was making fun of my moping.

Saturday we loaded up kiddos at the church. I was still really excited about the days activities and had no clue what to expect. We made our way to Christ for the Nations in Dallas, TX and got registered and checked in. It was going great, we were having fun with the kids, and then it happened. Wow… Heidi Baker had decided she wanted to break her schedule and come spend time with the kids. She walked into the room, sat on the floor, had everyone gather around, and began to tell stories of Africa, share her heart about Jesus, and tell of miracles of blind eyes opened, deaf ears opened, lame walking… and here I was not 1,000′ back listening to her speak behind a pulpit, but sitting by her on the floor surrounded by wide eyed kids. My wife assured me that it was God letting me know he how much he loves me… or maybe it was me letting her know.


And then Holy Spirit began to move and she began to prophesy and have the kids prophecy over us. One of the parents mentioned they had asked their daughter, “Did Heidi Baker pray for you?” to which she replied, “No I prayed for her.” What a humble woman, and what a way show honor to those kids.

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