Eating From the Trash in Vegas

Last night it was flooding in Vegas. I got in with just a couple of hours sleep and really needed to take care of work stuff before crashing. I had planned to eat and get some much needed rest but I couldn’t stay of the streets.

I went out into the rain and found an area with homeless huddled under the awnings still begging. I shared the gospel and sat down with a 27 year old homeless guy. Drugs had ruined his life. He was a die hard and jaded atheist who is too smart to believe in God. His words. As I sat down in the rain drenched streets with him he offered me some beef jerky, crumbs actually, that I’m certain had been in the trash can he pulled them out of a while as hard as they were. I think he thought I would be disgusted and leave him alone. I thanked him for sharing as if he’d just offered me prime rib… And I ate old trash jerky crumbs with my new friend Randy.

I think it was that action that opened his heart. If I had of hesitated the door would’ve shut. I shared my testimony with him. Stories of miracles I’d seen. He then let me pray for him, and when I did his eyes opened wide and he began almost twitching. He was encountering the Holy Spirit.

We visited a while more and I left him. I didn’t convince him of my Jesus, but he can’t explain what happened to him and he knows that I love him, something happened, and if God is real that he loves him to.

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