AG100 Day 4

The AG100 closed out with full altars. Ministers were challenged and toes were stepped on tonight by Dick Brogden, a giant in the Kingdom of Heaven and missionary church planter in some of the most remote and deadly places in the world for Christians.

Brogden cried out for America not to become complacent by sending money to missions, but not being willing to spill her blood for the gospel. Wow…


Being a part of this historic event was great, exhausting, challenging, and a lot of fun. Their were times of intense prayer, watching Holy Spirit work amazing miracles, words and prophecies spoken over missionaries and dignitaries, great messages by leaders in the AG movement, and all mixed in with hanging out with our team, no sleep, laughter and jokes, and of course Andy’s Frozen Custard… sometimes more than once a day.


I walked away with other things as well… It was my first time in Springfield… and knowing the impact that our movement had had on the world… well… there’s probably a blog for another day there… but I’m glad I went, and I am praying that in the next 100 years that the AG will continue to impact the world with the gospel, and will not forget her Pentecostal roots, but will burn with renewed passion for Holy Spirit.

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