AG100 Day 1

Earlier today we headed out the the JQH Arena to get setup at the Prayer Room and began praying for the event and attendees.


At lunchtime we were invited to be guests at the Global Initiative Luncheon, and heard amazing testimonies of what God is doing in Muslim communities around the globe, and then headed over to their headquarters to pray over their facility and staff. These guys are amazing people that are reaching into some of the darkest places on the planet. Where others see desperation, they see hope and opportunity.


It was back to JQH to man the Prayer Room. Tonight I had the honor of praying for a missionary to the underground church in… I’ll just say an Asian country. He was heading back in a few weeks. He’d be saying goodbye to his wife and children, not knowing if and when he’d see them again. This man has been arrested many times, spending about 3 months at a time in a labor camp. He said when he gets arrested his mission changes from the church, to those in the camp working and being tortured along side him. It was very humbling to be praying for this man to be bold in what God had called him to. God give me the boldness and the love for the lost that this man has.



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