Reinhard Bonnke School of Evangelism at Cfan

This June I was honored to be part of a group of 100 people from all over the globe hand selected by Reinhard Bonnke to attend the School of Evangelism (SOE) at Christ for All Nations in Orlando, FL.

It was mind blowing to be taught by, poured into, and receive impartation from Reinhard Bonnke, Daniel Kolenda, Todd White, Peter Van Den Berg, Teresia Wairimu, Dr. Chauncy Crandall, and Rev. Maximus Urbanowicz. Those that know me know that Bonnke and Todd White are heroes of mine, and Todd White has probably influenced my walk more than any other man. He is a man that burns with for the lost and the love of Jesus oozes out of him.


I received so much great teaching on every aspect of evangelism, but when Reinhard Bonnke began sharing the gospel message, breaking down aspects of the Father’s heart, showing the depth of grace that was applied, you had a room full of evangelists that all wanted to get saved all over again.

When Todd got up to speak on Lifestyle Evangelism my intent was to take notes as I had been doing… yet all I could do was weep… a man I had heard speak many many times, yet in that intimate setting, listening to this man of God share details about his life, his heart, and how he loves the way he does through Jesus, something broke open inside of me. A floodgate burst in my heart that has been steadily flowing ever since.


The most amazing thing about meeting and hanging out daily with these giants in the faith is knowing how real they are. Bonnke is a shy, silly, grandpa like figure who loves to laugh, writes poetry, and makes you feel as if you are family… and is one of the most humble and wise men I have ever met… yet when the Holy Spirit begins to move on him, this man is transformed into a fireball, one that burns for the lost and for Jesus to receive the glory he is due. You don’t have to listen to Daniel Kolenda talk for very long to realize why he is taking the helm of Cfan. You will look long and hard to find someone twice his age that has the integrity he does. And with Todd White, what you hear him preach, what you see in the videos, is what you get. There is nothing manufactured there… he is the real deal 24/7.

Every evening after school without fail, groups of us would go out and take what we were learning to the streets of Orlando. I saw miracles, people receive healing, and some of the most amazing words given to people while out there, and have come back home realizing that what I experienced out there has been increasing ever since.

And one of the best parts was the new friendships made. I have new friends from every corner of the world. Several I now talk to weekly and are already planning events, crusades, and outreaches with. In a school of 100 people from all over the globe, there were about 10-12 of us from Texas. Texas better get ready!!!

I don’t know the full impact yet of SOE and there is a lot that I am even still processing from attending, but this I do know… the world is crying out for the church to deliver the gospel… so it is time for the church to stand up and do just that. We are at a huge crossroads right now here in America. There are those shouting that God is through with her. I have seen hope… I have hope living inside of me… and I will declare that America Shall Be Saved!


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