What a Difference a Year Makes / Turning 37

Last year on my birthday, one year ago today, as I sat down with my family to celebrate we watched in what was first unbelief, and then amazement as these feathers began to fall out of thin air. It seems like so much longer.

I had heard about them. I had seen people post them on social media. However… never had I seen them. God gave me the most amazing birthday present. A year later I have seen them several times since. In my car, my home, once at church.

This past year has been one of huge leaps. There’s been a lot of training and equipping, lifestyle changes, kingdom connections made, and seeing many signs, wonders, and miracles. I have had the chance to share the gospel on the streets and in the market place with countless people, seen hundreds of people come to know the love of the Father, I’ve seen people receive the Holy Spirit in malls, and stores, seen miraculous healing and prophetic ministry take place in Walmart, grocery stores, restaurants, school libraries, have seen demons cast out, all while just living life. I have a lot of stories I’ve shared with no one over the past year, simply out of humility, and haven’t shares a lot lately just to make sure my own motives are where they need to be.

My marriage has grown stronger. My expectation of “Christianity” has grown higher. What I’m satisfied with has been raised. I looked up the number 36 in the Bible, and it represents God’s work, and creation. God used this past year of my life to create a whole new identity in me. And he’s not done.

I asked God to give greater wisdom, a greater obedience, and greater capacity to love in the coming year. I looked up 37 as well, and it represents the Heart of Wisdom. I’m not too excited about growing older… but I am excited about the growth.

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