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I’ve been meaning to share more about specific events that happen during evangelism, but time is not always on my side. A lot has been happening as God has really ingrained in me the “Lifestyle Evangelism” way of living. I thought I would share a short note about the past couple weeks and some of the influence in my life that has really helped me step into, or shove me into, the life God not only has for me, but I really feel God has for every believer. I’ll post links so you can check these guys out.


Raise America & trEd Dance Team
Last week I had the opportunity to visit HOZ: Dallas House of Prayer again. I love that place. Their worship is intense and I have yet to go and not experience God powerfully. My good friend Russell was recently given the position of leading their Evangelism department. I’ve mentioned Russell before. (Some of our crazy God adventures!) My oldest daughter and my sister headed up there for the Raise America Dallas tour stop. There was amazing worship, followed by Alex Anaya bringing some serious word… actually I’m not sure Alex had much to do with it. The Holy Spirit was just rocking him and he was letting it flow. I am still processing everything he said a week later. The trEd Dance Crew did their thing. Pretty powerful. (Think Stomp + Jesus + Prophetic Anointing) Then a time of deep worship and prayer ministry.

You can find out more about these guys and see some video here: Raise America & trEd Dance Team

SOI Evangelism
As that was winding down, my Kingdom Carrier buddies, Russell and Kevin, invited us to go with them as they took out the Sons of Oil Interns on an evangelism trip to the local Walmart. As I said, Russell is now overseeing evangelism at HOZ. He and Kevin had been up at HOZ equipping and training the Sons of Oil program on evangelism, having a heart for the lost, and giving practical training on what exactly to do, how to approach people, etc. The kiddo, my sister, and myself were more than honored to go out with them, and got to meet the director of this internship program, Phil and his wife Christy, as well as the interns. Awesome Jesus loving people that I hope to get to hang out with more. We went down the street from HOZ to a Walmart and began loving people, praying for needs, and sharing Jesus. We were there for a little over an hour and had the opportunity to share the full gospel with over forty people. We saw about 10 miraculous healings, including some backs healed, a Jehovah’s Witness that got healed, and one Catholic guy from Nigeria with a torn meniscus who had already had a failed surgery, and was pain free and moving it around after we prayed. Seven people received Christ that night, one guy rededicated his life to Jesus, and several people were just rocked by God’s love for them through prophetic words and encouragement. All in about an hour. If a few people going to a Walmart late at night bringing the Kingdom of God with them can see that, what could the church do as a whole if we all started living like this 24/7? It would be amazing.

You can check these guys out here:
HOZ:Dallas House of Paryer Sons of Oil Internship
Kingdom Carriers

Afterwords Russell, my family and I went to In-N-Out to grab a burger before they closed up shop. God wasn’t through because we wound up praying over and prophesying to the guys working. What an awesome night.


I can tell you that, although God had already been working and moving in my life, three things have catapulted me in the last few years. The most recent has been my friendship with these guys and getting to hang out and get infected with their hunger to see God’s Glory manifested in the daily lives of people around them. Also, meeting Josh MacDonald and Reece Hale while they were in Texas, and spending the majority of the week attending their Awake Love School and going out with them doing evangelism. The heart these guys have for the lost will blow you away, and they walk the walk. You can’t go to Chipotle with these guys without all the employees in the place getting healed and saved. If you’d ever thought to yourself, “Hey, I wonder what it looks like for a demon to manifest itself in a trendy downtown coffee shop, and then see the demon get cast out while 20 freaked out people watch and then after the boy is delivered see how receptive people are to the gospel…” I’d advise going with these guys for coffee. (True story. Happened in Denton, TX recently.) God has also given me bold friends, like the Evangelism Director at our church, Allen Moorman. Allen is pretty soft spoken, yet this crazy guy walked up to a crowd outside of a bar one night while we were out evangelizing and declared, “Someone here is is really struggling with their addiction to pornography and if you will let him, Jesus wants to touch you and break that off of you right now.” And you know what, we wound up getting to pray with one backslid-den dude right outside the door of the bar. And he is an open air preaching machine. He just started himself going and equipping churches for evangelism and just this past week, this AofG Preacher was invited to preach the gospel and share on evangelism at a United Methodist Church. The cool thing is, as much respect as I have for these guys, they are nothing special. I don’t mean that in a bad way, they will tell you that. They just have a grasp on who they are in Christ and understand not only how much the Father loves them, but also that he loves the person making the burrito at Chipotle, the burger at In-N-Out, pumping their gas next to them, outside a bar, or drinking overpriced coffee. They are regular believers walking out the truth of the gospel. They don’t have anything that is not available to you or to me. I love that God is placing people around me to not only teach this to me, but putting people in my life that I get to teach that to as well. If you’re going to be really effective in the areas God has called you to, or in the gifting he has given you, you need a. to surround yourself with people that will sharpen you, encourage you, teach you, push you, and that take risks! and b. you need to be pouring into others.


I am also blessed with an amazing home church family that loves me unconditionally and leadership that believe in cultivating a culture of honor, of freedom, of prayer, and strives to equip rather that entertain. My wife and I have the honor working in Kid’s Church and get to pour into these kids every week how God sees them, how to experience him, how to pray for others, how to do evangelism, etc. We get to teach them the same things, even though it’s on their level, that we are learning and being equipped in as a body… and as simple as that sounds, it is unfortunately rare. We have leadership that is grounded in the Word, truly loves God, and has fostered an atmosphere based on intimate prayer, and not only hearing the voice of God, but obeying even when it sounds crazy or too big. My wife, kids, and I have been stretched farther and learned so much there. And they believe in us. When we started attending a few years ago, I felt humbled to be in there working along side such amazing people. (Now I are one! ha) Finding a good home is hard, but is so important. Freedom Fellowship International in Waxahachie, TX has been one of the biggest blessings in my life. If you are out of fellowship, or do not have a core group of believers around you, there is no way you will endure to the end. I’m not even saying it has to be a traditional “church” but you need the fellowship, the family, and sometimes even the adversity.

If you want to know more about Joshn MacDonald, Reece Hale, and their Awake Love School:
Awake Love School
Josh MacDonald
Reece Hale

To learn more about Freedom Fellowship, you can go to Freedom Fellowship Int’l

You can also find out more about us by liking our Facebook page just1city on Facebook I’d love to connect with you more about just1city, lifestyle and supernatural evangelism, etc.

I know this is a bunch of seemingly random brags about God and shameless plugs for ministry friends, yet everything I have written has gone along with the plans God has placed in my hearts for seeing my city saved. (About just1city) You see you need community, and that community has to be totally abandoned, totally in love withe the Father, community that stretches and grows you, and loves and supports you… and it’s my heart to see those communities not only know how, but to go and share the Kingdom of God with the city they are in. Witnessing the way Jesus did (in power)… and loving just as well. And to see prayer become a focus, a tool, and centerpiece of church life. It’s why I believe so strongly in the prayer movement. Prayer is one of the most powerful things God has given us. Not to sit and petition him with our wishlist, but to shape culture, and nations, and intercede for freedom and revival. God is calling you to bring healing, deliverance, and shape the culture and around you…

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