Miracles On Credit

Cash or Credit?

Maybe I could call it miracles backed and insured by the First Bank of Jehovah… or maybe Miracles on a God’s Debit Card?

It’s a new way I am learning to look at faith and what happens when we pray and ask, versus know and thank. It’s not really a clear cohesive thought process yet, and something I am still learning, but here is what I have been experiencing.

Lately I have seen greater and more instantaneous healing when praying for people, and it seems to coincide with a different way I am praying. It’s not something I meant to do, or start to do, and admittedly I may have picked it up hanging around and learning from some crazy bold people of God. The first time it happened I almost freaked myself out and although I kept on going like some bold man of God, my insides were screaming at me, “What the heck are you saying? Are you crazy?!?!?!” I was walking through town, doing some evangelistic training, and God revealed to me I would see someone with a knee that would be healed. Well I saw a man limping a little while later and walked up to him and asked about his knee. He no longer had any cartilage left and everyday it swelled up and at the time it was full of fluid and in a lot of pain. So I, in my best Todd White impersonation, and without thinking blurted out, “well Jesus lives inside of me and he wants to heal your knee right now! This is going to be so good! Just watch what God does!” Of course immediately after those words rolled off my lips, as I said, my mind went from evangelist mode to “Oh CRAP!!!! Did you really just say that?” mode. But God had already told me someone’s knee would be healed, and I knew this was the man. So I got down right in the middle of the sidewalk with people watching, placed my hands on his knee, and began thanking Daddy God that in Jesus name all pain would have to go and that all cartilage would return. It was the first time I had ever prayed for someone and actually felt things moving around underneath my hand. God was performing restorative surgery right there on an old drunk who had long ago turned his back on God, and society had turned their backs on him. Why, because Jesus had already paid for the healing, and because the father saw past what we would in that man, and loved him. And I was blessed to be the one who got to give him a hug from God and let him know how much God still loves him.

There have been more instances lately where my mouth has seemingly overridden my own perception of my faith level, but every time God has stepped in and delivered. The other day it happened again. I ran my mouth about what God was about to do loud enough for everyone to hear, and then I got to stand in the middle of a Dairy Queen in Waxahachie, TX with about 20 people watching and share the gospel while a young man’s back was healed. It was amazing, and yet again while I am doing my best to act like I know what I’m doing, my insides are more excited and I am probably more surprised and awed than the guy receiving healing. What does this have to do with credit or debit cards?

The other night I was heading to do a Treasure Hunt (Prophetic Evangelism) with our church’s Evangelism Department and God spoke to me about being bold and making opportunity as opposed to looking for one and letting others pass by. I heard Bill Johnson say once that he knew there was so much more available to believers, yet he always feels like he’s standing outside of an ATM trying to figure out how to get out what is already in his account. I feel like that constantly. But God showed me something as I drove to church that night in light of those times where my perception is that “my mouth is overriding my faith.” He showed me that too many times we pray for people like a kid with a poverty mentality. Give a poor kid that never gets anything a dollar and take them to the store, and a lot of times what you will see is them hold onto that dollar not wanting to let it go. Not wanting to buy the wrong thing. Making sure they get something really good for that dollar because they may never get another one. Extremely conscious of how much they can spend. And there we are… If we already feel that faith on us we’ll pray, and the whole time examining the price of that miracle and comparing it to what we have already available. After we pray for with what our faith could afford, we wait for God to fill up our hands with some faith cash again. Maybe next time he’ll give us two faith dollars.

What if we prayed more like a kid whose Dad had sat him down and said “Look, I’m sending you out with my credit card. It’s unlimited so don’t worry about how much you spend, I’m good for it. Go into every single store you want to and tell them you’re here to do my shopping… oh but there are some specific things I am needing you to pick up. I need some healed sickness and diseases, I would also like you to pick up some raising of the dead, oh and if you see some cast out demons I’ll take some of those! Most importantly though, and I need you to buy up all you can find of this… some Orphans made into Sons and Daughters of God… It’s the most important thing on my list.” If we would be bold and understand that there isn’t a credit limit or a finite amount of faith available… only what we’re willing to step into to or sometimes be stretched into… there’s no telling how God would be able to use us. You see if God did have a credit card, not only would it be unlimited, it would be pre-paid. Everything he has asked us to pick up was already paid for with Jesus.

So the next time you have the chance to reveal God’s glory to the world around you, don’t look at what you think you have available… just swipe it and get it! …even if at the time you’re thinking “Oh crap…” Well what happens if I do pray and nothing happens… Then you love that person and let them know how much God does to. Something ALWAYS happens when we pray, even if we don’t always see it.

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