Holy Spirit Breaks Out in a School Library


A few weeks ago a friend of mine by the name of Russell Wood invited me and my family to minister with him and a team at a public school in North Texas, and the Holy Spirit exploded in the place. Yes, in a public school. Let me back up a bit.

Russell Wood is a bold man of God, and his faith is contagious. Russell is an evangelist with a new organization called Kingdom Carriers International founded by himself and another guy, Kevin Fontenot. I’ve had the honor to do evangelism with both of these guys, and they are legit. The opportunity was with an organization called Give a Kid a Chance. A group of churches, school clubs, and city organizations came together in a massive outpouring of love on the kids of their community. On that Saturday kids and families were given backpacks, school clothes, supplies, books, even haircuts and family portraits… and also the gospel. And these guys did it right. I’d never seen something like this done on that scale, or with that level of excellence. Russell called me up and told me we’d be part of a ministry team, and be given free reign to walk around in a public school with thousands of people, and do whatever the Holy Spirit led us to do… would we like to be a part? Well… YEAH!

And Holy Spirit showed up. There was a level of freedom there that was remarkable. Light was shining in a dark place. It was amazing just walking around seeing people be shown the love of God, having physical needs met, but also people being prayed for, ministered to, prophesied to, spoken over, and even healed… by a team made up of 22 different churches working together from multiple denominations. Hannah, my 8 yr old daughter who had been healed of cerebral palsy and I prayed for a young man with the same condition in a wheel chair with another lady, who turned out to be a Methodist. I saw multiple healings physical and emotional that day, but the coolest thing happened with Russell, his son, and myself.

The school had the library set up as a break-room for all of the volunteers. Volunteers that also included football players, cheerleaders, drill team, etc. Russell and I were in there to take a break and grab a drink. As we both grabbed some coffee, Russell doing what he does, got a word about the man behind us with a bad back. He turned and asked and the man quite rudely asked WHY he would ask such a thing, and then denied being in any kind of pain. We laughed it off and grabbed a table. As we did about 10-12 kids walked in and sat behind us. All of them football players, except two girls we assumed were cheerleaders by the shirts they had on. Seeing another opportunity, I had no word or anything for them, so we just asked them if any of them had any pain in their bodies. Two, one girl, and one of the football players raised their hand. She had a bad shoulder, and he had a messed up hip and knee. We didn’t tell them anything about Jesus, or what was about to happen. Russell just said, “Watch this,” and had the other girl put her hands on the girl’s shoulder. Then he had her repeat after him. Keep in mind there were other volunteers and school workers in the library, including the man who had denied having any pain. Russell had her rebuke all of the pain in Jesus name, command in his name healing, and tell all of the pain to get out. At this point we had an interested audience. After she prayed, Russell asked her to check her shoulder. She burst into tears as she revealed ALL of the pain was gone. The kids were asking questions like, Who or What are you guys? How did you do that? At this point the small somewhat audience changed to having the full attention of the room. Then we had one of the other boys do the same for the guy with the bum knee and hip. Of course he was completely healed as well and began jumping up and down and shouting. More kids began coming into the library to find out what was going on. We told them God was healing people. Then one of the other boys raised his hand and said that his knee popped like crazy when he bent it, and if we could fix him. We had the boy that just received healing go pray for him and he was then healed. It was amazing. The kids were astonished by the awesomeness of the Holy Spirit. Some were laughing… some were just shocked… some wept…

Then, as Holy Spirit gave us the floor, we had the opportunity to stand in a place where God is supposedly not allowed, and preach with the full attention of all of those present. So Russell shared the gospel and we had the pleasure to lead numerous kids, and maybe some adults, into the Kingdom of God. Then I shared about their prayer life, and evangelizing their friends and that they can duplicate exactly what they just saw happen. And guess what… they did… We later got to see a few of those same football players sharing and praying in the halls with their friends.

The cool cherry on top was as we were leaving… that man who had been so, we’ll say stand offish… came up to Russell afterwards and let him know that he had lied. Russell prayed for the man and he was healed instantly as well. He was able to break out of his religious box because he had never seen anything happen like that before, much less in a public arena.

It was such an amazing experience, but it shouldn’t be some stand out moment in my walk with God. There are opportunities for each and everyone of us, every single day, to see the Holy Spirit move in a library, a gas station, a grocery store, our job… and in this case we weren’t even being obedient to God’s prompting for anything specific… we were just taking a chance and creating an opportunity for God to do whatever he desired to do. This is the ministry we are ALL called to be in. The ministry of reconciliation and doing the work of an evangelist. My buddy and I could have sat there, enjoyed our coffee, and discussed sports, the weather, or the great things God did way back when… and those kids would have never known the saving knowledge of Christ… or we could risk looking like idiots, step out, and make room for God to show up, and trust that he would.

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