Colorado Blessing


I am tired… My wife is tired… My kids are tired… This has been a busy, exciting, sometimes stressful year of growth, ministry, stretching, learning, endurance building, fun, loss, gain, and open doors. God has blessed my family abundantly. Not with wealth, but with himself, his presence, and his equipping. We have burned the candles at both ends for a while though and it is time for a vacation in the worst way.

Vacations are something we love, but unfortunately something we don’t make ourselves do. I know, the second most important thing anyone needs to do, second to spend time in the secret place with God, is rest and spend time with your family. We just aren’t very good at it and it is destructive. With two people working 50 hours a week, both running departments of companies, 5 kids, serving in kids ministry at our church, as well as serving in other areas, evangelism, and other irons in the fire… it is just flat out hard to take the time even when all this means we need the time more.

Now do not take this as complaining. I can’t stress enough how much we LOVE our busy hectic go go go life. We love to serve and teach our kids to serve. We are tired, but we are fulfilled and happy.

However a vacation is a must. It’s bad when your boss is asking you when you’re going to take one. In nine years I have taken one real vacation. He asked me a few months back, if you could go ANYWHERE, money is no option, where would you go? I thought about my Italian heritage and wanting to see Italy. My love of sailing and blue water and heading to the Caribbean. Maybe taking my wife to Vienna. But what came out of my mouth was Colorado. He was kinda taken aback. “Really? Money is no object and you would pick there?” Yes… Colorado.

I’ve been telling my wife for a few years now how badly I need to get up into the mountains in Colorado. I’ve never been there, and only been up a real mountain (Big Bear for a few hours) once, but here’s my reasoning. 1. There is something visceral in a man that calls him into the great outdoors, and to the mountains. Even if he a guy that has never left the city limits of NYC and only wears skinny jeans, yuppie knitted caps with sport coats and pencil ties. I think there is something in us that God created that tells us we can conquer a mountain. 2. I want to be surrounded by the beauty of God’s creation. Unadulterated creation. The world the way God intended it. Clean. Natural. Raw. Real. I think getting into nature opens us up to experiencing something different in God. Some of my greatest prayer times have been outside, even when it was shoveling horse poop. 3. Like I said, I am tired. I need to truly get away. No phones or email. No work calling. No one expecting anything from me. Just my family, God, and Creation… and peace. You can’t find that on a crowded beach, a water park, or any other typical touristy place. I want to be far removed from the world I currently operate in, just for a brief moment to catch my breath.

Here’s the kicker though. We aren’t destitute by any means, but a trip like that is certainly not in the budget and getting time away is just plain difficult. So what to do. Well, when I can’t do anything I stand. I stand knowing that God is faithful and that he will take care of his child. He will help me continue to plow through, and he knows what I have need of. Sometimes that need is a trip to Colorado… for free… So after pushing and pushing and pushing through more, and God stretching and stretching and telling me I have a little more to give, now God has blessed my family with a fully furnished four bedroom home for a little over a week in the mountains in Colorado for FREE by a family that had no idea that we have been wanting/needing and talking for so long of going. They just felt they were supposed to offer us the opportunity to use it. Wow… Yet again, God just blows my mind.

So after working out the details, talking to our employers who both said there’s no WAY we’re letting you NOT go, we will be heading out in a couple of weeks to a beautiful ranch nestled in the mountains of Colorado, just outside of Westcliffe. To say we are excited would be a gross understatement. Overjoyed. Exuberant. Those are close. I actually have a picture of where we’re heading stuck on the cork board in my office, just to look at it and tell myself… You can make it…

I’m looking forward to fresh air, coffee at 6am watching the sunrise over the Sangre De Cristo Mountains. Hiking. Some prayer time with a view. Maybe a nap in the woods while hoping a bear or mountain lion doesn’t want to spoon. I’m even looking forward to the 12 hour drive with a car full of kiddos… not as much as possibly spooning with a bear, but never the less I am looking forward to it. Colorado, we will see you soon!

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