A Life of Worship/Sacrifice

fire on the altarThe Old Testament model shows us that without sacrifice, your worship was in vain. It wasn’t a request. It wasn’t an option. The sacrifice was a direct response to the Holiness of God. The sacrifice was not something occasionally thought about, but it was their very way of life. And without the death that came along with it, not only did they lack forgiveness and justification, they lacked any chance of intimacy with their creator.

Christ was brought to earth to become the perfect sacrifice. He died in our place, so that we would be justified by faith. He gave us access to the throne room of God; however there is still a price for true intimacy.

I absolutely love worshiping Daddy God. I am an admitted presence junkie. It’s sometimes easy for us to fall into the pattern of trying to worship, not to give God what is due him, but because we love the way it makes us feel. It’s at that moment we begin worshiping not in Spirit and Truth, but for a feeling and emotion we have gotten hooked on.

Worship (as a lifestyle) is our sacrifice… a direct response to the Holiness of God. It is out of WHO God is, not who we fashion him to be, ebbing and flowing with our thoughts and emotions.

When my life is right on track, God is good. When my life seems a mess, God is still good. He’s still the same.

It’s not because of what he’s done for us, not even because of the price he paid for our salvation. It’s simply because He, HE alone is God… the Great I AM, and when we really grasp that, when we live in the secret place, when we really begin to pour out our life as offering to him because HE IS that the nostrils of God once again smell the aroma of burning flesh. And instead of the stench of temporary covering, it is the sweet aroma of our dying to self when true intimacy comes.

A pastor friend of mine was recently sharing that he wondered what would happen if we would change some of our Christian worship and come and be blessed events to “Come and Die” events. Would they be packed? Would they be sparsely populated? One thing for sure, the ones there would be true worshipers.

God is calling us to come and die upon the altar, to come and live a lifestyle of worship, a life of intimacy with our creator. He is calling us to live a life where, even though we live in the world, our hearts are hidden deep in the secret place.

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