Hidden Fruit Revealed


Well… I can truly say that this morning at church was a first…

Friday night we did a Treasure Hunt in Waxahachie, TX. If you’re not familiar with this type of ministry, we meet and pray as a team, share what God has shown us individually, and piece together a map if you will… filled with God’s treasure… in other words, people whom he treasures and lives he wants to change.  We do this often, and if you’re in the Waxahachie area, please contact me. I’d love to give you the chance to get equipped, and be a part.

This particular Friday God had given me personally a word about a family, and a vision of a particular little girl. We spent the evening chasing down those words and visions God had given us. We spent time praying at Walmart with a few people, in the ER ministering and praying, walking and praying around some local hotels that are… well to be blunt, seedy… and filled with people in bondage that God dearly loves and wants to set free. The hotels are one of my favorite places to minister at. You just never know what will happen. Sometimes nothing… sometimes an argument or getting yelled at… sometimes a group of grown men crying around you thanking them for caring about them enough to be there.

We’ve had both amazing success and missed the mark when going out. I’ve left feeling energized and excited about God moving in my city, and left thinking, wow did I even accomplish anything? What I’ve learned… am learning… is that sometimes we are just plowing. I told the guys that Friday night. I feel like we did a lot of plowing tonight… and not any harvesting. But any night you can go out and pray for people and share the gospel is a great night.

So we ended Friday night with back at Walmart, where I both saw the little girl, and then upon going in the family that God had given me the word about. We walked by them once, and I knew… and so I turned around and followed them back into the garden section. A lady had been so kind as to open up the outside for them to take a look at some flowers while she stood and waited, so I followed and told her I was with them. I had them alone! Success!  What an opportunity.

I shared with them the word God had spoken to me while they stood there, jaws dropped. They had never heard the gospel, so I shared with them that Jesus had paid the ultimate price. Told them I would love to pray with them, etc. all the standard evangelistic fare. And they said they would love to talk more inside, the lady was still waiting, so I walked in and waited. One of the guys on the team (Andrew) God had spoken to that he was to bless someone with some money in Walmart, and since part of the word God had given me was about their finances, he felt it was them, so he gave that to me to give and the team prayed. And then they came back in…

Only this time their attitudes were completely different. I was off in my word, their finances were fine, and 5 minutes ago they had never heard the gospel, and now they were OK with God and you don’t have to go to church to get to heaven… And they sure weren’t taking any money when that was offered. I prayed, kept ministering to them as God spoke, told them where I go to church and that God loved them enough to speak to someone about their situation and send them to find them.

Although I have ran into this before I really felt I had missed something, something wasn’t right… and when I went back to the guys we discussed it and all felt it was simple. Pride. Pride had kept them from not only receiving a much needed financial blessing, but salvation.

As we closed the night, we discussed the whole plowing thing/pride with that couple and prayed. Andrew prayed specifically for hidden fruit to be revealed from the night we spent planting. I honestly felt a little discouraged. Like I had done something wrong or misspoken. I just knew this was the couple. Had I said something inappropriate of maybe gone too deep? Maybe not deep enough? All I could do was pray for them and let God have it. After all, he’s bigger than any mistake I can make.

Well this morning God gave me the answer…  I happened to be helping in Kids church this morning during first service even though I wasn’t schedule till second. Guess who walked into kids church… I looked over and the thought, no freaking way about best sums up my initial thought.  I walked over to them to talk. They were there to apologize.

Everything God had shared had been right on. They didn’t receive it because… dun dun dun dun… Pride. They knew they had to come this morning and make things right. I was blown away. I got the chance to talk with them, tell them how I had been in situations just like that and not to worry or feel bad, and got to visit with them a little after church. They enjoyed it and their kids all had a blast. My hope is that they will be back. We will be following up with them this week to pray with them some more… Hidden fruit revealed indeed.

And if they hadn’t showed up this morning… well, I’m learning that plowing is important and that I should take joy in plowing as much as gathering fruit. There is a big work ahead of me. God has promised to give me my city, but only if I do the work that will be required. I know that means a lot of plowing… a LOT of plowing. I certainly thank God for the fruit of the harvest and the encouragement that it brings, but keep plowing guys. Even when you don’t see it, there is fruit.

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