It Happened Again… Feathers During Worship

ImageWell, it happened again… Feathers… from nowhere… Only this time at church.

God is so much fun. We went to church Sunday morning in anticipation of a great service. Just Monday evening we had those feathers fall from thin air in our home. We were in first service for kids church. I was standing in the back during praise and worship, my wife was at the front leading, when all of a sudden she frantically beckoned me up to the front, while trying to keep composed and continue to lead the kids so she could point out to me… feathers… 


I have read article after article online about how these have all been faked in churches, or are the product of birds mixed with gullibility  I know it’s been done by people with the intent on bringing glory or attention to their church home, or to try to show some level of anointing they are not walking in. It is even quite possible that fakery has even been done in what once started out as good intention. Whether it’s feathers, gold dust, manna from heaven… insert Pentecostal “oddity” here… when you’re dealing with stuff like this in Charismatic/Pentecostal circles, let’s just be honest, it can bring out the weirdos. I’ve seen speaking in tongues faked way more than gold dust though. 

Of course you have the doctrinal police out there as well… proclaiming that anything and everything that they don’t understand/haven’t experienced/or scares them must be of the devil. I’m sure a lot of these guys have good intentions as well. As I just said, it brings out the weirdos. We need to be vigilant when it comes to opening ourselves up to false doctrine. I agree 100%.  

Unfortunately though, from what I have experienced, most of these guys operate more out fear or jealousy than true doctrine. If you are bitter, and your walk with Christ is fruitless, I am way more apt to judge your ministry as false, as opposed to one’s who are winning souls, loving the way Christ did, seeing miracles, healing, supernatural favor and blessings of God… or to be summarized, their walk looking a lot more like Jesus than yours.  I’m always reminded when talking to these guys of the Israelites staring at a mountain consumed by the presence of God, and to scared to climb it. If you are too scared of what may come in trying to climb that mountain… fine… but don’t judge me for charging into the smoke and lightening seeking a closer relationship, whatever that may look like. People haven’t changed.

Every experience I have ever had brought me into a closer relationship with Jesus, made me more aware of his presence in my life, made me more effective in my testimony and more steadfast in my faith, and pushed me further away from sin.

I’ve heard  the sentiment, that’s all emotions, or that if we have the Bible, why would we need to get all worked up to be a good solid Christian. I have a hard time though finding an emotion inside of me that wasn’t created or experienced by God himself. God compares our relationship with himself as Father/Son, and with Christ as Groom/Bride. Neither of those relationships function without emotion, passion, or intimacy. You can’t have fullness of Christ without both his word, and his experience. 

Hopefully I’m not coming off as a jerk, as it’s not my intention. I know a lot of believers who have no idea what to think about about Pentecostal beliefs, after all my own wife was raised Church of Christ, that are however open. They may not know “if” or “what” or “how…” but their thought is, if God can do A, then why not B? These are the ones I really love to share with. I have seen God do so many remarkable things, and I love when you begin to share, and you can see child like faith being awakened in them. An awe and reverence of God that wasn’t there being born. A desire to say, God, I don’t know about all of this, but I am open to whatever you want to do in my life. Help me to take you out of the box I have placed you in, and discover how amazing you truly are.

If you can comprehend, explain, and justify all that God can do or does… I would have to say… you have created for yourself one small God. 

2 thoughts on “It Happened Again… Feathers During Worship

  1. I too have had feathers showing up for the last year or so…when life seems so hard you can bet God is with us and we are not alone

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