Let the Boston Revival Begin! Now Where To?


The Link Boston

Well it’s Monday morning after our trip to Boston to help kick off a new work up there. I sit here in my bedroom decompressing after sleeping in, looking at a bag that needs unpacking, listening to some LeCrae and Trip Lee playing in the background… and going wondering what the lasting effect of this trip will be and what it has started in me.

It was a simple trip. Our mission was to simply go pray, and be servants to a group of people with a heart for the city of Boston. It was such a blessing and honor to be a part of this trip and serve with such an awesome team from my church home, my pastor, and a film maker from our sister church that came along to document the work we were doing in “Bean Town.” He was the “new guy” and I think we all made a new friend in David #2. (We had two Davids on the trip.) By the end of the trip he was teasing and cutting up with all of us. He worked hard following us all around and his hard work has just really begun. As for the team itself, let’s just say we are a crazy bunch that loves to have fun, gets a lot of looks everywhere we go… and the thought we were full of more than just the Holy Spirit was probably on several people’s minds. At the same time, what an honor to serve with such Kingdom minded individuals with a heart to see God move and such prophetic people. I am blown away anytime I am honored to serve with them. To be counted as one of them.

Without narrating the entire trip, we arrived Friday and (after almost dying during a Boston cab ride to pick up the rental van) grabbed a bite at Boston’s most famous Pizzeria, Regina Pizzeria. We got to the hotel and spent some time praying over our trip and Boston and then took off on the subway to walk the Freedom Trail and do a little sightseeing, praying, Starbucks… there was lots of Starbucks. That night I got my first bowl of authentic New England Clam “Chowda.” So good! I asked the waitress if she could sneak me out some gallon jugs of it for a small fee… she declined. Much better than from a can of Progresso!

Saturday it was up bright and early to hit the streets. Since it was a church plant we were helping, the goal was to invite people out to this new church who were kicking off their first official service on Sunday. The Link Boston. In the morning we went with the goal of passing out invite cards, talking to people, praying, etc. and getting a feel for the people of Boston, with a team from Link. Then we met up with their pastor for lunch, a young 20 something with big dreams. I like people with big dreams. I and a couple of the guys took off to go pray while people were eating and visiting and see who else we could go minister to, because, well, that’s what we do. Then we took off to view the building they will be meeting at, and begin the next item on the agenda. Let’s just say this was the “Spiritual Warfare” portion of the trip and there was plenty of opposition. We did get to stop in to the Sugar Bakery Company, and got to pray at the Fairbanks House, the oldest house in the United States. It was pretty awesome seeing so much of the spiritual heritage of our country in one place, sadly in a place that has all but completely abandoned our spiritual heritage.

By that time it was time to head to a strategic prayer meeting with their staff and launch team. It was a powerful time of praying, God moving, prophecy and encouragement for the people who had worked so hard to make this launch happen. These people had been putting this together for a while, and it showed. We prayed for some healings to wrap it up and headed out to dinner, and probably more Starbucks.

Sunday was launch time. We were there to pray, serve, and pray some more… but to blend and not be noticed. It was a great service. I’m not sure how many were there exactly but they had to put out more chairs three times. If I had to guess I would say a little over 150 people, and I do know there were several salvations and people stepping up to say I want start fresh in God. They were reaching out to people who had never gone to church, didn’t go, etc. In Boston, less than 3% of the population attends an evangelical church. Of that, spirit filled churches are very few and far in between. Keep this in context. In a city as large and historical as Boston, we couldn’t find a Christian music station. This church was put there to make an impact in this culture and start the charge in the other direction. This was the pilot church. The spark to hopefully ignite a fire that burns Boston!

I had a blast and even though the culture is a lot more closed off and not as polite as Texas, I cannot wait to go visit again. Maybe with less snow and cold. I would love to go do some sailing and did get an invite to stay up there in a beach house on the cape owned by family of a friend of mine that happen to go to the new church. Talk about a small world. I did almost get into an altercation with the owner of a liquor store when I inadvertently parked our van in their parking lot. (It was right next to Starbucks.) He had called a tow truck and was waiting for me to come out. He started yelling at me, but when I walked up to him and he heard my Texas accent, and I turned out to be a little bigger than him, he got a lot more polite. The van didn’t get towed and he didn’t try to stop me from leaving in it. In all seriousness I was very polite to the guy.

I came back tired, but more energized than exhausted. I am ready to go again and help the next move, the next plant, the next beginning… and to pray for the Kingdom of God to be released! I love every God encounter that you can mark and say I will never be the same from this point, I will never be satisfied with what was prior to this point… this was definitely one of those times for me. I have to move. I have to build. I have to see things change. I have to see Kingdom come. It’s been grafted, embedded into my DNA. So even as I sit here typing… something inside me stirs to go… unsettled because I am not seeing Heaven invading earth in my community and beyond. Not enough. Lord here I am. Send me.

2 thoughts on “Let the Boston Revival Begin! Now Where To?

  1. I love that: “something inside me stirs to go . . . unsettled because I am not seeing Heaven invading earth in my community and beyond. Not enough.” And I love your response: “Lord here I am. Send me.”

    • I just can’t help it. It’s bubbling up so much inside of me that to just let Christ love people through me. And I am just a regular Joe… and that’s the point I think… is that as regular people we can live extraordinarily supernatural lives. That just as one person we can have a snowball effect on our community without even realizing it. And I want to be the pot or pan he uses in the kitchen!

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