Bean Town For Jesus

boston_postcard_13 God never ceases to amaze me. We are so blessed to be plugged into and a part of an amazing church home. Admittedly, and sadly, it’s not always easy to find, and if you’re like me, fit in! But my family and I have. We love, love, LOVE our church family and in the few years we have been in ministry there we have grown so much. One area of tremendous growth has been in the area of, what can God do with me?

I have been pretty small minded when it comes to that. I tend to see how God can do anything he wants in certain people’s lives, no matter their pasts… except in my own. Not that he can’t use me. I am open to whatever, but tend to put a cap on it. And this is what he has been dealing with me about for months. Dreaming big and limitless. It’s what I am imparting into others I talk to lately, because he (God) is so strongly imparting it into me. I heard a man by the name of Banning Liebscher say once, if your dream is not impossible, then it is not a big enough dream. I’m starting to agree. God dreams seem impossible, so that he can be glorified. God dreams breed a life of seeking the impossible, and in the process you wind up leaving a legacy, even when you don’t see the completion in your own life.

One of my God dreams is touching nations for Christ. I’ve started with my city, my company, my circle of influence… but I want to see entire cities and nations turn to God. It’s one of those God dreams I dismiss as knowing “God’s Heart” not necessarily his will in my life. But ultimately that’s my whole reason for wanting to carry and be aware of his presence where I go… the desire to pray for people to be healed in the middle of the produce aisle… to go out on Friday nights with friends or our church’s outreach team to prophecy, pray for people, and share about God’s love for them… it’s all entirely out of a real desire to see cities, my city, know God’s heart for them, and reciprocate. I honestly figured that was the extent of it though, until I began thinking about the whole Just 1 City thing. It’s just 1 city… just 1… Break that down… It’s just one neighborhood… just one street… just one “random” hurting person in a Walmart. But enough of that, and from enough believers, and the end result is the same. We can see entire cities know God, Love God… Know that he is alive, moving, and working even today. That he is not some concept in an old book from the mind of man, but that he is active in the affairs of men.

So that’s my dream… to go… and go a lot… I was sharing this a few weeks back with a friend who was encouraging me to just do it… just go… You see not too long ago a lady from our church had a dream that my wife and I were doing just that. We started with a few US Mission trips and it catapulted to Africa. Big impossible, for my mind, dreams… (Yes I know people do it all the time, but…) As I shared with him this dream he told me about his first mission trip, which was to Boston to help a church plant. As he shared about how hard Boston was to minister in but what an experience it was I told him, how I have always wanted to go to Boston and how cool would that be.

Well, that very week, Saturday night at prayer, the pastor made an announcement… He needed people to go to Boston to help out a church plant and do some ministry. My hand went up faster than I could turn to look at my wife, mouth agape. So in a week’s time I am often to Bean Town. A city I have wanted to go visit for a while just because. And now I get to go and do my favorite thing while I am there with a team of some on fire Jesus loving friends. I can’t wait to go, and I certainly can’t wait for Africa and all points in between! Ok, God… I see you can do it even if I discount it as an impossibility… so, what’s next?

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