Tattoo Interpretation? Really?

Coolest thing happened to me today… I’ve given prophetic words, and been given words of knowledge to share wiImageth people before to open them up to the gospel, but today something happened that never had, and something I kinda made fun of. On Father of Lights, I watched Doug Addison do “Tattoo Interpretations” to people out in Venice Beach to get their attention. He’d pray and the Lord would give him a word based on their tattoo, and then he would share Jesus with them. I thought it was cool, but kinda silly, honestly, even though I know God often uses silly things just for fun. Definitely not an inroad I would pick and a little out there… but hey… I try not to put God in a box… But today I saw this lady’s tattoo (Just a cross and a dragon) and immediately God revealed stuff to me about it, and how it had to do with her childhood, her children, her past, etc… and I shared it with her, then after she confirmed what I said, had her ear for 20 minutes to share how amazing God is and how much he loves her and want to continue to reveal himself and his love to her. It was awesome! Doug, you rock man!

3 thoughts on “Tattoo Interpretation? Really?

  1. As you say, we can’t put God in a box! And we shouldn’t say He can’t work a certain way any more than we better tell Him we “won’t” go somewhere to serve Him! Yep, I ended up in Africa and my husband ended up in France–together, of course, but God sent each of us to the place we told Him we didn’t want to go to!

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