God is Too Big to Be Small Minded

Prophet-SamuelThe story of Samuel is one of the first stories about being called by God I remember learning as a child. Samuel, under the care of the priest Eli, heard someone calling his name. Three times the 13 year old boy heard his name called, and three times he went to Eli asking if it was him calling. After the third time, Eli recognizing what was happening, told Samuel to answer the call of God. When he did God began to reveal all manner of things to young Samuel, and he never stopped.

I loved the story as a kid because it was used to illustrate, one, how God wanted to use us, even as kids… and two, even though my non Pentecostal religious upbringing had no idea I was gleaning this, how God actively calls and pursues us to walk into his will. How he longs to speak to us, use us, reveal to us.
The great thing about this story is that this was Old Covenant. There were few then that God revealed himself to in that manner, at least few we read about. But now we are in the New Covenant… and God has made that level of interaction and communication available to all willing to bend an ear and their heart to his voice. I think his desire to use you and me, goes way beyond anything we can even imagine.
Fast forward a few years into Samuel’s career as a mouth piece for God. God has informed Samuel he’s to call destiny out of a young man looking for some donkeys. Saul was going to be anointed as King, Israel’s first King. Saul’s response wasn’t kingly at all.

“Am I not a Benjamite, of the smallest of the tribes of Israel, and my family the least of all the families of the tribe of Benjamin? Why then do you speak to me in this way?”

You see, whether God is literally calling our voice or speaking out God’s plan for our lives through a prophetic word, the Bible, or a gentle nudging, we tend to filter it through our own concept of what God can do with us in our own abilities instead of how big and capable God is in using whatever He wills. God has called us to nations, so we pray instead of finding a way to go. God has called us to lay hands on the sick and see them recover wherever we place our feet, so we instead tell people we’ll add them to our prayer list. We can water down what God can do with us, not because we don’t have the desire to “do” but because of what we see in the mirror. If you read that entire story, Samuel tells Saul he will tell him all that’s on “his” mind. The desire for greatness was there. It was small vision and low self-esteem that limited him, and did so again later in his life.

Samuel then tells Saul that he will meet a group of prophets and the Spirit of the Lord will come upon him, and he will be changed into another man. Isn’t this what happens to us when we become born again? Aren’t we changed into a new man? So what can God dream about us today that He has not already made the way for? Is it possible for us to dream bigger than God? What is in our hearts that we want to accomplish, that we hold deep inside, disregarding them as nice thoughts and fanciful desires. Are they not “what’s on our mind?” Are we limiting our new identity by our old man’s potential? Or are we bound by a religious spirit blurring the lines between false humility and not operating in God’s perfect will, so as not to offend.

I want to encourage you… Dream Big! Let those dreams come alive! Grow Big! Be humble… but be Awesome! Ask God to tell you who you are through his eyes. Let Him show you what he sees. Don’t limit your walk by what you think or hear about yourself or your abilities. God’s dreams for you are mind blowing.

One thought on “God is Too Big to Be Small Minded

  1. This sounds a lot like Sonship! 🙂 I, too, was captivated by the story of Samuel from a young age, and I can perfectly picture a painting of him kneeling by his bed from a paperback book of Bible stories that I loved.

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