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Couldn’t have said it better…

Tribe Of Judah


Is the Lord calling me to fast?

This is almost as silly as asking if God wants you to read you Bible or pray more. “I don’t know Josh…do you want more of Me??!!” I think sometimes we will feel “led” of the Lord to consecrate a fast for particular reasons—desperate times calling for desperate measures. But, many times, I think that it is something we choose to voluntarily give up for Jesus. Let’s call it a modern-day equivalent to the “free will offering” in the Old Testament sacrificial system. Not a HAVE-to, but a GET-to. You go out of your way, expending time, money and energy, wait in line…just to give your Lord something that will bless His heart. Motivated by love.

I start out many fasts with a particular or several particular goals in mind. I want to know God’s specific will in this situation. I want to…

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