The Morning After

The dust is far from settled, just the morning after the 2012 Presidential Election process… and like it or not America has chosen her king… Barack Obama will remain our Commander In Chief for four more years. Keep reading. It goods good.

I feel America has chosen more than just a leader, but a policy, a direction, and made a clear declaration… That she is lost, confused, and crumbling.

Let me first state this… I am not a Romney fan, however I did give him my vote. I am not looking for a Pastor In Chief, and I was not looking at even the slightest hint of a chance that a Romney presidency would save America, or even right the ship. I was at least hoping to stop the bleeding for the moment. I didn’t see Romney on the side of God and Obama on the side of Satan as some have suggested. I did however see two very different ideologies, and mine of the two lined up a lot closer to Romney. I do unfortunately see our POTUS as a man that God does love and want to reconcile to himself but recognize agendas that are evil and intent on corrupting the land that I love. (Don’t try to argue the point unless you have read his own biography, his books, studied his past and current relationships.)

But even still he had a huge showing. It wasn’t a landslide by any stretch, although it will be spun that way, but even though I saw it coming I was shocked still at the support he had. Which brought me to some very deep and thought provoking prayer and talks with the Lord this morning. He spoke clearly and said a lot… and not much of it I liked.

I have been a political junky. I think that people need to be educated and involved, especially Christians, however I viewed this election more of a gauge of where America is at in her history and spiritually than a referendum on failed economic policy… and his policies have and will continue to fail. My pastor said a while back that America is no longer a Christian nation. Ticked me off… not at him, because I can’t argue, but I know where we came from, and he’s right.

I had hoped I was wrong and that America would give a referendum on liberal policies… instead they gave one to the church. America doubled down on the slippery slope of moral decline, marxism, decline of American business and entrepreneurship, weakening of our armed forces, and the slaughter of the unborn. I asked God this morning… “How?” “Why?” …and reveled in my disgust and immediate despair of the future… and God answered.

He told me that, “in America our love of country and freedom, our very way of life, has been our source of peace and prosperity… He and he alone is to be our source of peace and prosperity.” He also brought up very bluntly how he had loved Israel and when she strayed or chose other sources than him, that it closed off doors of blessing… and although as individuals we have grace, would he not do the same to America? Tough words for sure to someone who grew up believing in God Bless America. But it wasn’t all doom and gloom, nor do I preach an angry God… quite the opposite. I am someone who believes in unfailing love and grace undeserved beyond what most churches sometimes teach.

I posted last night on Facebook that this was a time for revival… and this morning it was ever more apparent as God continued to speak… last night it was in defeat… this morning it I believed it in hope.

As I took off toward the office we continued our chat. He told me very pointedly that his bride held a great deal of responsibility. One of my friends tweeted that in the times the church has held political power, it has sat back with it’s hands folded. God reminded me of the fact that the other night I was driving home in awe of how the moon was so bright even though it was simply reflecting the light of the son… and then he told me that as the church, we are like moons. Reflecting the light of the Son. Of course we teach he’s in us, but I got the analogy. Only we have not been reflecting him correctly.

You see we have fallen into 3 categories for the most part. Those not reflecting at all of course, but the two he dealt with me about were either those reflecting his love and no power, or those enthralled with his power but not his love. The two biggest themes I see with God are love and power. I think every other attribute of God can be placed into one of those categories.

In the western church a lot of churches have tried to show God’s love through whatever means… be it worship, outreaches, charity, etc… yet they did away with God’s power in their lives and him using them like he did the early church. Living a life believing God wants to use us like he did the early church requires a lot on our part. From faith to disappointment. It’s messy. It’s hard to fathom sometimes. It’s hard to explain. So a lot of churches have rationalized it away, created doctrines based on their own lack of faith and fear to explain how God doesn’t do those things anymore, and raised generations afraid to even fathom the thought of living the very way Christ taught us to. Even in Pentecostal realms, we tend relegate the Holy Spirit to the funny drunk uncle who we all like, but don’t want the world to know yet. So the majority of the world has seen the church poorly reflect an entire aspect of God. God is dead. He is powerless. He is not actively moving in my life. Therefore he is irrelevant.

The world does not long for a God who is dead and irrelevant.

The flip side is a church that knows who they are in God and just how real God is, but does not reflect the love of Christ. Christ loved the very worst of sinners. He didn’t shy away from the baddest of the bad. He never had a problem confronting sin, but the only people I ever read about not experiencing his grace and compassion were religious people. The church carries signs proclaiming God Hates Fags and fighting against homosexual marriage, which I am against, or tattoos and piercings, and spends more energy telling the world who and what  God is against than ever telling the world who and what God is for… and  that is them… Where is the ministry of reconciliation?

The world does not long for an angry bitter dad who wants more to destroy them more than adopt them.

Sin is sin, Hell is real, and Eternity is forever… If you water down the word of God you may as well toss it in the garbage… but c’mon church… God spoke to me, that is worse than the former. At least get the love right if you can only pick one.

But when we really reflect the both attributes of love… of God’s love… the world will beat our doors down wanting to know how to have what we have.

I do believe tough times are ahead for my country. But I also believe we are living in a great time for Revival. A time for the church to stand up, and truly reflect in fullness God. The Great I am… in power AND in love… and I think that is EXACTLY God’s plan for right now. A massive outpouring of his love and power on the land. My wife wrote, I refuse to believe God to heal my children and not my country. God is graceful. How many times did he warn Israel and begin to walk away, and in his compassion turn to her and bless her. I believe he can do the same for the good ole USA. Can and desires to… IF my people…

It is time church. We keep talking about a coming revival… it’s not going to look like a conservative Christian victory in an irrelevant election, although that would be nice. It’s going to be messy, and it’s going to require of us a completely different mindset of what exactly a Christian life is. Mediocrity will have to fall by the wayside. A powerless theology will as well… And we will have to learn to love as extravagantly as our Father.

God is still God. He will continue to bless me and prosper me. I will continue to look to him as my source. I will continue to live my life in God’s economy and not mans… but my prayer is that I can truly reflect Christ… Loving the Hell out of people, loving them out of Hell… Signs and Wonders following… As it is in Heaven on Earth…

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