Where the Green Fern Grows?

Humility seems to be a continuing topic for me lately…

We are taking a class on Spiritual Leadership at church and the topic is touched on quite often as an integral part of what makes a servant leader.

The other night I had the opportunity to meet Jake Hamilton at a small gathering in Dallas, TX. It was an amazing night and the topic of humility, as well as God stripping away things in your life that allow pride and cause God to be jealous came up both as we worshipped, and as he preached later that night.

In my own prayer time, and I touched briefly on it as I wrote prior, God has really been dealing with me on a deeper level on humility, getting rid of pride, getting alone with him, etc. It seems the more I think I have given up, the more I find for him to take.

Even last Sunday evening, we had paul Bradford from the Louisiana Outpouring preaching and ministering at our church. He was praying over people in the front of the church. God was moving powerfully, and Paul looked up at me in the back of the church, called me to the front, and prayed for humility and that God would burn up everything that was left… the very thing I had been praying intensely for days.

I have been a very prideful person. I have overcome everything from addiction and abuse to homelessness in my life. I grew up poor and as God has blessed me, it was pretty easy to put a value on the appearance of success. An unhealthy value I might add. So now I am at the point in my life that God and I are taking inventory of things one by one and determining what is more important… and hopefully all my answers are his will…

But the amazing thing about God is that while he strips away he can so amazingly do things to make you feel loved and give you peace in the midst of it all. I talk often about how fun God is. He has done some of the craziest things just to get my attention, say I love you, provide, or just blow my mind. So, what does this have to do with ferns?

A few weeks ago when God really started dealing with me about this I went out to mow there was something amiss in my yard. I cut my yard tall just so that no weeds grow in my grass. When I went to mow we had two huge patches of fern growing in the yard. They had come up out of nowhere seemingly overnight. We have lived here for years and there has never been ferns in my yard, but here were two big spots of fern. As much as I like ferns, I know they produce more oxygen and clean the air more than any other plant, they don’t really belong in a lawn so I mowed them down hoping the grass would take back over, but as I was mowing I heard God say these are a sign. I thought to myself, OK, I’ll pray about that later… what kind of sign could ferns be? They’re growing in my yard, so probably not a good one… but by the time I got finished mowing I had already brushed it to the side.

I thought about looking it up or asking around a few times here and there but never did. Who really want to ask their friends, hey do you know any meaning behind ferns? Not real manly.. I hadn’t seen any ferns in the yard again, so kinda outa sight outa mind. So this morning I went to mow again, and wouldn’t you know… the ferns were back. And again, I heard the Lord tell me these were a sign. So after mowing them down again… hey it’s my yard… I decided to do a little Googling about the spiritual significance of ferns for the church… Any guesses on the meaning?

Yep… Ferns signify humility.

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