Can I Have A Nacho?

There are not many foods I just don’t like… I love food, which is apparent by waistline… (which is now shrinking Praise The Lord!!!) …but there are several foods I like, but never think about or crave until I see someone else eating them… popcorn for example. I can see a package of popcorn, think about the smell, and not want it at all, but once someone pops up a bag, I have to have some popcorn… the biggest food for me like that is Nachos!

Can I have one please?

If I see someone eating nachos, I will not stop craving them until I get some. I can see them on a menu and have no desire for them… but as soon as I see someone holding one of those little cardboard containers, drizzled with what is some kind of goo closely resembling melted cheese in taste and appearance, and preferably sitting there half soggy under a mound of jalapenos, I gotta have ’em.

I ran across a quote the other day on Twitter that I just had to re-tweet… It said, “The quickest way to make someone hungry is to eat in front of them.” Simple… true… and profound… Especially when we apply it to spiritual life.

We study, go to conferences, strategize, plan, on and on and on about how to get people spiritually hungry, and we certainly need to… I have such a desire to see those around me get on fire for God, be consumed by him, and just want him more than anything, but one of the simplest ways for us to affect people like that is to be hungry first and eat in front of them.

Our desire for God is infectious. Our worship is contagious. Simple… true… and profound…

Never underestimate how satisfying your own spiritual cravings will cause other’s to want to dive in and start eating as well.

Whether it’s reading/discussing the word and sharing how it has opened up some new revelation or affected some change for you, or it’s being able to boldly pray for others in public, or (my fav) worship. I love worship, but I have friends that I watch just giving it all, jumping up and down, or dancing, or whatever, and it makes me want some of that! Kinda like Nachos! In every aspect of your walk with God, live it in wild, crazy, outspoken love for the awe inspiring God who gave his all to be loved by you.

I absolutely HATE the quote “Preach the Gospel; when necessary use words” (for reasons we’ll not discuss here) but the truth is when people see us interacting with God and see our exuberance for the Lord …they want it. They may not know why, they may have never thought about their internal craving for it, but they’ll see something they  just know will satisfy them if they can get a hold of it.

One thought on “Can I Have A Nacho?

  1. Great post! And so very true. Since God put it on my heart to begin writing for Him, I’ve experienced this sooooo many times! The awesome thing about it, though, is that the more I eat in front of people, and the more they see me eat, the more I want to eat 😀 Blessings to you!

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