Wading In…

I am trying to be more intentional about everything I do…

I love praying for people, seeing people get blessed, and love love LOVE it when the Lord gives me a word for some complete stranger that is just right on, that blesses them, encourages them, or just shows them that God is thinking about them and loves them. Typically I don’t think about it. It’s random. I try to make sure I am available, but with a stressful job, a mind full of entrepreneurial ideas, not to mention 5 kids, a wife, a home, etc.. I’m not always. But we can be in Walmart, or a gas station, or wherever and the Lord will just point someone out and say go tell them (fill in the blank.) It can be as simple as “God just wants you to know he loves you” to something about some abuse they dealt with as a child, to a current life style away from the Lord. One time God had me just walk by an older couple and shout in the grocery store, “Watch God. Something BIG is about to happen.” Completely random, but they looked at each other bright eyed and just started laughing like they knew… wish I did…

I’d love to say this happens all the time, but it does not. I’d love to say I am always obedient, but I am not.

So I am trying to cultivate in my own heart, life, and in my city, the lifestyle of being available, open, intentional… a lifestyle of the supernatural colliding with the natural until miracles are the norm and sickness and depression are odd and unusual.

So now every time I go anywhere I pray for God to show me who you want to love on, who you want to heal, who you want to touch, etc… and I try to position my heart to receive whatever it is he wants to use me for. Instead of waiting on God to show me or tell me something occasionally, I want to get to the place where I am always watching for divine appointment in someone else’s life. I’m wading in… and learning… growing…

There will be plenty of times of disappointment, and I won’t always even see the results I expect I am sure, but I trust God to keep me encouraged during my learning curve… Everyone I have been talking about that is living what I am longing for has told stories of how at first it was such a struggle, and how even still sometimes nothing happens, and then BAM! God just shows up and blows their minds… So I’ll just keep praying, watching, waiting, trusting, and being available.

Yesterday for example, I went “fishing” with Jess at Walmart… the only thing I saw was a shoulder, actually more like a clavicle or tissue in the area between the shoulder and neck that had been damaged. But we walked all through there, my hands on fire as I prayed. I just knew someone was about to get healed in all my zeal… but I never saw them. We left and I was disappointed thinking maybe I had missed someone, or not seen, or maybe was just off and too focused on what I was expecting and not being open to something else. I still don’t know… I even stopped by Autozone afterwards to drop a hook in the water there… nothing…

And then this morning I got encouraging but completely unrelated news… Another man I had been praying for… The grandfather of a coworker. He had a heart attack last week… the kind referred to as a “Widow Maker” is what the doctor said. There was no one there to render CPR quickly enough either, so his brain was without oxygen for a long time. They managed to airlift him and get him on life support, but doctors wrote him off.

Even if they managed to revive them, which they had no hope really, they told the family he was gone. They were talking funeral arrangements and making plans. But God!

Yesterday he just woke up… completely coherent, no memory loss, no more brain damage, making jokes, and wanted some coffee. The doctors are confused… but I am not… and now a door has been opened for my coworker who has been away from God to know how awesome he is and how much he is loved by Daddy God. I got to talk with him this morning  and rejoice with him that God had done something so mind blowing for his family.

I’m still looking for that clavicle though…

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