What is Just 1 City

2012… The year the world is supposed to end? I highly doubt it… but it is the year I plan to end “my” world as I know it, in a good way… or In a GOD way I should say…

God has been birthing something inside of me for a while now. It started with a vision and visitation from the Lord I received a few months back, followed by a word from the Lord. I will post more in depth about that in a separate blog, this is just to kick things off.

Just1City is what I feel God has been building up inside of me. Right now it’s simply a mantra. In that vision God basically showed me taking my city back from the hands of the enemy. Cleaning out buildings that belonged to him and running out illegal squatters, and getting them ready for what was coming, a wave of harvesters, to come fill them up. It was time to make war, time to take back ground, and time to get serious about building his Kingdom in anticipation of what was to come.

Then he showed me mapping out the city, street by street, plot by plot. Making a strategy to touch every single person in my city. Not for my church, but for him. Not to condemn, but to love. Simply to just touch them, tell them God loves them, and pray for them. It was pretty much an amped up version of the prayer evangelism model I had read about so many years ago in a book by Ed Silvoso titled That None Should Perish.

The term it’s just one city came to me after praying about this… I want to see the Holy Spirit take over the world… he’s asking me to take just one city… If we as a church body, not my church expression, but a unified church body in Waxahachie, TX, can take our city… and other churches in other cities can do the same…

Just imagine what would happen…

It’s something that will have to cross denominational, racial, social, and dogmatic boundaries… Believers that never have, will have to open their hearts and minds to the supernatural moving of God… Pentecostals will have to get off their I have something you don’t high horses… Churches that were birthed out of ill intentions and splits will have to come together, repent, and then work together and put fear of sheep swapping aside… Pride will have to get out of the way… And we will have to walk the land repenting for the sins of our area, and proclaiming the ground for the Lord.

What I am talking about will require more of the church and believers than most have ever been willing to require of themselves… more work than they’ve been willing to do… But it is something I feel strongly God has been requiring from us for a long time and we have been neglecting.

We are supposed to be ruling and raining over the areas God has placed us… that means our street, our neighborhood, our town, and our county belongs to you and I. We are responsible for it. We own it. And we are responsible for those perishing without the grace of God having been extended to them.

This is just the beginning for me. I believe what I am talking about is a movement that God has been birthing for years in the few willing to hear and receive the call… much like Ed Silvoso I mentioned… and he is making it ever more urgent now. In fact the word “Urgency” plays over and over in my mind day and night. It’s time church.

What I see it becoming is a training ground for how to take cities. I can see people running with the vision, and going to other towns teaching churches how to work and run together and take their city, and so on and so on. I also see it as a revival movement, and feel strongly that 24/7 church or prayer houses are to play a vital role as it grows. And I see Just1City as a medium to do this, and also help raise money, support, and volunteers for other ministries.

Just1City is my idea of a group of believers that all have their own church homes, but come together and help wherever, whoever, and whenever, and however, because they know that it is about the Kingdom and not themselves. They walk in purpose. They carry the anointing of God on their lives and the fire of God and healing in their hands… they are devoted to the lost, the hurting, the outcast, and the business man alike… they are filled with the unashamed love of God and they act on it… and they are committed to taking  over the world, Just1City at a time.

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