Just1City Ministries

The idea was simple. How can I change the world? It just seems too big… How can I win a nation? Certainly a lofty idea… Then God whispered to me… I’m only asking you for one city. Just1City. That was it. How can my city fall in love with Jesus. How can my city be reached? How can everyone in my city experience the love of Christ and see God, alive, real, and moving?

Our mission is to see God take over the world, Just1City at a time.

We have three avenues that God has placed in our hearts to achieve this:

1. To encourage and equip local bodies of believers to co-labor with Christ, doing the works he did and greater, and to co-labor with each other even across denominational lines. This means laying down religion and picking up the true gospel, learning to love one another, and truly work in unity. We also believe that if you are a Christ follower you need to be hooked up with other believers, not a lone ranger. Some of the greatest revivalists in our history burned bright for God, but became loners, often due to condemnation unfortunately, and fell away or into false doctrine. God designed us to need each other and to work hand in hand to fulfill the great commission.

2. Evangelism is at the center of our mission. We have all been called to do the work of the evangelist and been given the ministry of reconciliation. Evangelism in not about numbers to God, prizes that he wins. It is about reaching out to his children that are living without knowing their identity as his sons and daughters, never being able to be in fellowship with him, and ultimately perishing. The father weeps for those we are not reaching out to. When we learn to love like he does, we will to. Evangelism should be at the center of every believer’s life. It should become who you are. We believe in evangelism for the believer as a lifestyle, not an event. We also believe in intentional, targeted corporate evangelism. God has given the local church dominion over the areas he has planted us. We need to take that charge seriously.

3. We believe in the establishment of Houses of Prayer are crucial. Amazing things begin to happen when believers come together from different bodies, and begin to cry out to God for his Kingdom to be established, for the lost in their city, for God’s presence to be made known in their land, and seek his face for not only revival but awakening. For too long the church body as a whole has not been vested enough in prayer, yet it is the most powerful weapon we have been given against the kingdom of darkness. Passionate prayer needs to take a front seat in our personal lives, as well as the church corporately. Without this happening, we will never see a move of God that lasts.

And all of this, completely compelled not by act of service, but by the love of the Father.